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Captain Ed


I just moved off of Typepad onto Hosting Matters because of bandwidth issues -- and thank you again for the links -- but I like the service. I'm keeping my old blog up and running to keep links alive for a while (and in case HM runs into problems). One thing Typepad has that MT doesn't, at least so far, is the Blockquote button. I got very attached to that easy little feature, and I miss it in Movable Type.

I second your recommendation. If you wind up with a high-traffic site, congratulations and find direct hosting. But if you're not looking for that kind of blog, this is an easy way to get started and stay going.


Oh, no! I have been de-blogrolled!!!


Blockquote button would be a boon. Anyone know a plugin?


Double comment delay feature is a nice one too.


I have been considering moving my personal blog to TypePad, but I think we're going to move to different blog software (Plone) and still host ourselves.

Anyone else have horrendous problems with MT on Windows/mySQL?

Moe Lane

I've been using TypePad for just over three months now: I love it, but it could do with a bit more flexibility on allowing access for group bloggers. I'm starting to worry about bandwidth, too.


anyone try Wordpress? It is great!


We're definitely adding some clearer instructions on how to deal with bandwidth concerns (we really don't want transfer or storage limits to be a concern for anyone on TypePad) and we've done things like waive fees to sites that get linked on Slashdot or Drudge, so don't worry too much about those factors if you're considering TypePad.

I'll let the development team know about the request for a blockquote button on Movable Type. And thanks for the review, Glenn!

Pejman Yousefzadeh

Movable Type has a blockquote button. I use it when I blog on Command Post (I think it's MT 2.64.)

Jake of 8bitjoystick.com

Well a GOP ass like yourself could never handle a real comment system where your readers could actually point out what a one sided liar you are being.


Jake, god bless ya, I forgot to mention we're also working on comment moderation and approval systems.

Moe Lane

Oh. Didn't realize I had somebody from the TypePad team in front of me. In that case, banning IP addresses needs less steps; ideally, I shouldn't have to cut-and-paste. But that's just a nitpick.

brennan stout

Oh joy, no BlogAds here. YaY!

Glenn, plz crosspost all Instapunditry here too.

Daniel Moore

ed - I love wordpress! It has a great interface and it wonderful in posting time, etc (problems I have with MT). However, I don't think that it is for the amateur. A lot of people would have trouple editing the template and using php in general... but I like it!


Anil, I'm thoroughly enjoying the TypePad software.

My only wishes would be for a greater selection of fonts and a broader palatte of colors. That said, even a reference link to a good, full PMS color would suffice.

That, and the template to allow the blockquotes to be boxed and/or boxed-shaded. At present, blockquotes only compress the margins.

And they'd look far nicer if we had the option to box 'em or shade 'em, or both. Perhaps even allow for a different font style to be triggered within blockquotes? Perhaps put those options in the setup-style tools?

Regardless, those are but Chrismtmas List wishes. For anyone contemplating getting a blog started, I'd highly recommend TypePad.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Thanks to Glenn for reviewing TypePad. I've been considering it for awhile and it's useful to hear your take on it.

Smart move, Mr. Dash. Did you get to the Prince show?

Bill Hobbs

A blockquote button would be nice. But even more innovative would be adding a couple or three user-programmable buttons. I might want to make one of them be a "blockquote in italics" button and the other a "blockquote in bold" button" ... etc.

Jake of 8bitjoystick.com

IP based comment filtering does not work for a number of reasons.

1.It can be defeated by dial up users logging in to a different IP address
2.I could use a Privacy IP relay
3.I could go to a dozen public Wifi access points and post from there.

But then again a slander prone Karl Rove wannabe propaganda tool would probably be better off with out comments because they could not face a patriotic democrat calling their lies out.

Joe Baby

When complaining about slander, try a little less ad hominem crapola.


I'm a newbie to blogging, and I love Typepad. It's clear, easy, affordable, beautiful, and the support is beyond belief.

The Help Ticket system is wonderful. Real people respond immediately and understandably to questions! Completely unlike my experience with other various computer-related companies.



It's easy to modify the Typepad templates to do the blockquote things you ask about. My Typepad blog has 'em all.

Skip Perry

I'm with SB. TypePad is great -- cheap, easy, no hassle. Certainly better than my short-lived experiment with Blog City.

Tom McMahon

TypePad is terrific for all the reasons mentioned. Plus, my traffic has doubled since switching over from BlogSpot in January. For most of us, it's all we'll ever need.


Typepad rocks. With the pro account you get the power of mt but with the ease only typepad offers.

And just ignore joystick boy. He just proves the looney left is just as nuts as the wacky right. Crazies on both sides. He's a joke, always has been.

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